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Inspiration. Goals.

Often, a popular video goes around on social media that many people talk about.
One such video is of Lizzie Velasquez, if have not seen it, please do. 

It’s a thought provoking video which brings up a few different themes. Lizzie is most deifinitley inspirational! It got me to think about setting my goals and success.  Both of which are important to me and provide a framework to better myself. 

Also, since it’s January a comment I heard from many was “There sure must be a lot of people at the gym due to the New Years resolutions!” My view on goals and success/achievement changes and grows. BIG goals like the ones Lizzie has have to be intrinsically. Powerful enough that you will do just about ANYTHING to get there.

For people with fitness goals this is how they feel. For the majority,  I don’t think they feel like this. I don’t think they have to but one must really be patient as well as organized to get to that goal. I suppose the big picture is knowing where certain goals stand that way you can prirotize them as well as acheve them properly. 

I have written down goals for the last few years. I feel like I have gotten better at them. That is actually achiveing them as well as learning how to write proper S.M.A.R.T. goals. Something I started this year is a 5 things list. 
Meaning if you were only to accomplish 5 things this year what would they be:
In addition, as one often forgets. Having these things in a visible spot to see everyday, multiple times a day.
I hope this gave you some food for thought. What are your five things?

Certifications and Continuing Education course work

One of the locations I train at is The Fitness Edge in Los Gatos.  On one of the walls, I have several of my professional certifications posted.  A client was looking at them and asked some questions. I thought I’d turn his questions into a Q/A for my blog.


1. Why do you take Continuing Education (CE)  courses and obtain Certifications?

First,  I really enjoy learning and always have a thirst to learn more.  I learn from reading, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, and attending classes.  By attending CE courses and obtaining certifications, I learn about the latest research based techniques and programs.  I also get to network with other health professionals which in invaluable.  I also enjoy taking CE courses and getting certifications  because I can apply what I learn with my clients immediately.  Helping my clients perform, feel, and look better is my mantra. By staying current with training trends and research, I’m able to help my clients even more.


  2. How often do you try to get certifications?

I really do not have a timeline in which to get certs. I pursue certifications that are worth getting that will help my clients or that genuinely interest me. It is an investment in time wise and financially so I only pursue certifications that are considered the best in the fitness industry. 


 3.  Which one certification has helped you the most professionally?

 That’s really hard to say as my knowledge base consists of learning from all my certifications and courses that I have completed. I’ve also read the materials such as NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach but have not tested for certification in those programs.  I most enjoyed doing the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) because I learned a lot from it, grew as an athlete and a health professional and have been able to continually use much of what I learned with my clients.

The latest Certification that I completed was the Precision Nutrition Program.  This is a certification which has given me an even greater understanding of proper nutrition and the psychology behind it.  This program has helped the many varied needs of my clients from learning how to eat healthy to wanting to loose a few pounds to wanting to loose 80+ pounds.


Questions from my clients…..


Questions from some of my clients…..

Q. What are challenges you face in terms of working out?

A. The biggest challenge I face is finding a consistent time to work out.  On weekdays, I start training clients at 5:30am and can train until 8pm.  I train clients 6 days/week.  In between clients and traveling to my two job sites, I’m either resting, working out, eating, program planning for my clients, reading, corresponding, studying, running errands, or business planning.

QDo you ever skip a workout

A.  Of course, I do miss workouts mainly because my schedule can be hectic at times.  I do, however,  have trouble not OVER doing it. So, I try to regulate my training according to my energy levels, sleep, and scheduling. If I do miss a workout, I don’t feel bad about it because it fits in my plan.

Q. What are your personal fitness goals?

A. I figure there are only three goals one can have.  Look, feel, or perform better. If there are other ones then let me know!  I want all three. In order of priority, I want to “feel great” which means having high energy and a positive mindset all the time!

Performing better”  is next.  Right now,  I am chasing a 1/2 bodyweight Kettlebell press and a heavier max dead lift.  Why you may ask?  Because they’re fun! Lastly, my “look better” goal is to get  sub 10%. body fat.   I’m currently in between 11-12%.

Q. What gets me going

A. Music gets me going!  I’m a big “rah rah guy”  when it comes to training. I get easily pumped up by Rocky Balboa like stories and such. My goals also get me going. I know I’m not going to reach them in one session. It takes time and progression to get there.

Q. Have you ever considered yourself to be really out of shape?

A.   I’ve actually never considered myself out of shape.  But looking back, I could have definitely  have been better.  During my first year of college,  I was very active and worked out frequently but  my diet was very poor.  I ate many unhealthy foods that are commonly found across college campuses. When I look back at pictures, I see that I have an inflamed “puffy” look. What changed me to eating healthy foods was when I was getting more and more serious about getting into the fitness field. I began studying and realizing how food really affects your body.  As the saying goes, you are what you eat.  I’m in the process of completing Precision Nutrition certification which helps me to better help and teach my clients how to get maximum results with nutrition.

The Fitness Edge on “Hello Los Gatos” !

The Fitness Edge on “Hello Los Gatos” !  (<—- click on the link to view the video)

In the afternoons, I train my clients out of The Fitness Edge in Los Gatos, CA where I am the Lead Trainer.  It’s a great place to work with Barbara Blackburn (owner) and the other professionals there.  Check out the video, our segment begins at the 8.24 mark.

If you’d like more information about training with me at The Fitness Edge, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Reflection- My first Youth Camp – Summer 2013

Why did I choose to focus on a Speed and Strength Youth Camp this summer?  Why this summer?maxoutsign

 There were many reasons.  I truly enjoy training all my clients who range in age from 10 to 70+ but I truly have a passion for working with Youth.  I’ve been wanting to conduct a Youth Fitness Camp for many years.  This year, I was able to bring on board a Program Manager who has helped me with the Administrative and logistical aspects of running a program such as this.
  As many of you may know, it’s a very competitive market in the Bay Area with many single sport summer programs for Youth. Having a Program Manager allowed me to focus on what I do best, developing a program and directly working with the Youth.
I love working with Youth because they have such unending energy and a willingness to learn.  I also love seeing kids learning new skills and improving athletically. It was great to hear from a parent who said her daughter was so excited about what she learned at camp that she was teaching her family workout routines at home.
 This summer I had two sessions – one for boys/girls entering grades 6-8 and the other session for boys/girls entering grades 9-12.  Looking back it was a great experience for myself and for the kids.  Within the week time frame, I saw them getting faster, stronger, and improving using proper form.  On a personal level, I found that being “on” the entire 2 hours training the kids was hard work. I’m used to working one-on-one.  Hats off to classroom teachers who have to be “on” teaching an entire class for an entire school day.session2
I look forward to continuing, improving, and growing my Speed and Strength Youth Camps during the Summer of 2014!
 If you’d like to be added onto my mailing list for my Summer 2014 camps or for more information on personal training for Youth or Adults, email me at:      Thanks!  Sergio

Session 2 of my Speed and Strength Youth Camp. Q and A

A friend checked in to ask how the 2nd session of my Speed and Strength Youth Camp was coming along.
He asked me some questions and I thought I’d share with you an abbreviated version of our conversation.
Q. What do you like best about camp?
A. Seeing kids improve athletically.
Energy from kids.
Being outside, getting sweaty and dirty.
Feeling of accomplishment!
Q. What is challenging about working at Camp?
A.  Being “on” for the 2 hours!  I hand it to you teachers!
Q. Why do you enjoy about working with Youth?
A. Their energy! I also think this program will make a positive impact on their lives.
     It will set up the framework for training for life.ImageImage

Reflecting on Session 1 and looking ahead…

Had a great time working with and teaching the youth from Session 1 of my Speed and Strength Youth Camp. Kids are energetic, unpredictable, and invigorating!

Looking forward to Session 2 which begins next week for High School students. Love my work!

Day 4 – Speed and Strength Youth Camp

Day 4 - Speed and Strength Youth Camp

It’s been great working with these kids this week. Hard working and fun bunch too. They’re learning the basis for developing strong and fast bodies!

Day 1 – Speed and Strength Youth Camp

Day 1 - Speed and Strength Youth Camp

Taking my campers through the “world’s greatest stretch”!

Day 1 of Session 1, June 24, 2013