So easy a caveman did it, can I?

So I am going on the “Paleo” diet, today is day one of my eating re-evolution. Basically, I eat like early man did pre-agricultural revolution style. Yes, that means no processed foods and no refined grains (wheat, corn, potatoes…). This also includes dairy, so it’s lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts and anything else Paleo man could have eaten. Here is an from the Washington Post detailing the diet.

So why the hell am I doing this? Basically, I think modern society has failed us and conned us into thinking we need to eat certain food, mostly refined grains (USDA food pyramid) and commercial food business has made us sugar addicts and limiting the true amount of choices we have in “REAL” food. More on this as my journey continues.

In addition, I am experimenting on my self just to see how my athletic performance (weightlifting, half marathon training) changes along with this new fuel. The Paleo diet is taking a diet that I commonly recommend to people I train being the “Clean” diet where it’s basically cutting out processed foods, limiting¬†ingredients on boxes and only having whole grains in moderation.

Shawn of Shawsu has also decided to join the fun. There are also many strength and conditioning experts that recommend this diet namely Robb Wolf who I heard about from Crossfit that prescribes Paleo/Zone in short eat “meat, vegtables, nuts/seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.”

So here we go!


About MaxOut Performance Fitness
Sergio Maldonado is a Sports Performance and Fitness Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. He strives to be the best at what he does through training, professional development courses, and practice. The purpose of this blog is to get out some of the knowledge that he obtains to better help others in their pursuits towards fitness and a better life.

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