Five Fingers Fool

What kind of shoes are those? FIVE FINGERS FOOL!

So I got these shoes/foot gloves so I can: strengthen my feet, see how it effects my running form, build awareness of my feet and just to see how they feel.

The local place to get them is Zombie Runner in Palo Alto. No, the benefits don’t just happen magically, like anything else, you have to work at it.

Me doing stuff with the FINGERS and an article from Shawn

Ow! Enough of these running shoes. Anyone have some high heels?

About MaxOut Performance Fitness
Sergio Maldonado is a Sports Performance and Fitness Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. He strives to be the best at what he does through training, professional development courses, and practice. The purpose of this blog is to get out some of the knowledge that he obtains to better help others in their pursuits towards fitness and a better life.

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