Weighted Push-ups Galore

Ahhhh, the push-up, one of the oldest exercises in the book, you can do it anywhere anytime. BUT most people don’t know how to perform one or know how to do it correctly. In essence it’s  a “dynamic stability” exercise according to my understanding of some of Gray Cooks or Alwyn Cosgrove’s training methods. This means it’s an exercise that targets your CORE (from your glutes to the top of our spine). The limbs are moving and the arms get fatigued but the main deal is that YOU have to be active in your core in order to keep your body stable. So if you don’t have time to workout today, hit the deck, tighten your glutes and brace your core and knock out some push-ups. Oh yah, by the way that means chest to floor and arms to lock-out. Otherwise it’s not a push-up, its’ an elbow bend! Then tomorrow make sure you get some rows or pull-ups in to make sure you have a balanced body.


About MaxOut Performance Fitness
Sergio Maldonado is a Sports Performance and Fitness Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. He strives to be the best at what he does through training, professional development courses, and practice. The purpose of this blog is to get out some of the knowledge that he obtains to better help others in their pursuits towards fitness and a better life.

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