I Think I’ll Do Upper Body Today…

This is from Mike Boyle and it’s so true:


I Think I’ll Do Upper Body Today
(Female subtitle- I think I’ll just run today)

Interesting fact. Most people go to the gym and
immediately do the exercises they like. If you’re a
man, that means bench press and curls. If you’re a
woman it means hopping on the treadmill for a
long slow walk or a long slow run.

I think this might be the reason most people look
so bad. They are always going to work on the stuff
they can’t see or don’t like to do tomorrow but,
tomorrow never comes.

As a college strength and conditioning coach I
encountered the same problem early in my career.
As a result I came to the early realization that
Monday would always be lower body day. This
was done for one simple reason.

Every day I was forced to do battle with human nature. 
Athletes are no different than the average gym-goer.
They want to do what they like. I was like the parent
who needed to say, “no TV until your homework is done”.
When we first began developing training programs for
athletes, our athletes were just like the folks described
above. Athletes who were not on a program would
wander into the weightroom, do a couple of sets of
bench presses and then wander over to the curl bar
for a few sets. After this, they would simply leave.

My solution to this problem was simple. The first day
of every week was always a lower body day. This meant
that athletes would return the next day to do the stuff
they really wanted to do. A simple but effective solution.

The solution for a fitness person is even simpler. Perform
a full body every workout every time you go to the gym.
Do your lower body and pulling exercises ( like chin-ups)
first. Save the bench press and curls for last.  If you just
did a squat or squat variation, a pull-up variation and
then benched and curled the result will be a vast improvement
in your physique. The average persons work ethic in the
gym is the equivalent to going to a restaurant, ordering
dessert, getting too full from dessert and skipping the
meal. Lots of empty calories and none of the stuff you

The truth is that training is much like nutrition.

Ever notice that everything that is good for you
doesn’t taste very good.  In addition, all the stuff
that tastes great is fattening. Exercise is the same
way. Most of the exercises that are best for you are
the ones that are least popular and seem to hurt the
most. Have you ever noticed the popularity of
exercises where you sit or lie down. The whole
machine concept is based on appealing to the lowest
common denominator of human nature. You can
exercise while seated on a padded chair.

Just remember, if it seems too good to be true, it
probably is.

– Mike Boyle

Me NOT doing upper body Sled pull

Here is a real upper body exercise


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