The “dirty thirty”

Let’s see if you can stay away from the “dirty thirty.”
Basically 30 foods you should avoid, most people only eat certain food anyway, so see if you can avoid these foods and enjoy the results. Below I will also show Martin Rooney’s 20 best foods, see if you can eat those.
Stay tuned for a challenge coming soon!
The Dirty Thirty

James Harris MS,RD
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Posted on 9/10/10

This list is from the nutrition section of Duane Carlisle’s Total Football Conditioning courtesy of nutritionist James Harris

Original work from James Harris MS,RD

Foods That Slow Recovery and Increase Bodyfat

1- Kids cereal – Cap’n Crunch etc.
2- Donuts
3- Soda
4- French fries
5- White bread
6- White rice
7- Candy
8- Ice cream
9- Cookies / cake
10- Hash browns
11- Croissants
12- Sugary Coffee drinks
13- Energy Drinks- Monster, Rock Star Etc
14- Chips, Doritos etc.
15- Pot Pies
16- Ramen Noodles
17- Fried meats- Chicken Tenders, etc
18- Bacon
19- Salami/ pepperoni
20- Hot Dogs
21- Bloomin Onions
22- Nachos
23- Crispy Chicken Sandwiches
24- Margarine
25- Gravy
26- Caeser Dressing
27- Ranch Dressing
28- Alcohol
29- Mayonnaise
30- Cheddar Cheese

1. Apple

2. Fish (SALMON, TUNA, wild please!)

3. broccoli

4. spinach (kale) get your pop-eye on

5. oats (raw!)

6. almonds and walnuts

7. blue berries

8. eggs with the YOLK, yo!

9. green tea/ black tea/ coffee (no sugar !)

10. chicken

11. grass fed beef

12.milk if you are tolerant

13. dark chocolate (just a 1/2 ounce a day)

14. avocado

15. cottage cheese


17. whey protein

18. fish oil

19. olive oil

20.  green supplement if you are not getting your veggie on


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