Questions from my clients…..


Questions from some of my clients…..

Q. What are challenges you face in terms of working out?

A. The biggest challenge I face is finding a consistent time to work out.  On weekdays, I start training clients at 5:30am and can train until 8pm.  I train clients 6 days/week.  In between clients and traveling to my two job sites, I’m either resting, working out, eating, program planning for my clients, reading, corresponding, studying, running errands, or business planning.

QDo you ever skip a workout

A.  Of course, I do miss workouts mainly because my schedule can be hectic at times.  I do, however,  have trouble not OVER doing it. So, I try to regulate my training according to my energy levels, sleep, and scheduling. If I do miss a workout, I don’t feel bad about it because it fits in my plan.

Q. What are your personal fitness goals?

A. I figure there are only three goals one can have.  Look, feel, or perform better. If there are other ones then let me know!  I want all three. In order of priority, I want to “feel great” which means having high energy and a positive mindset all the time!

Performing better”  is next.  Right now,  I am chasing a 1/2 bodyweight Kettlebell press and a heavier max dead lift.  Why you may ask?  Because they’re fun! Lastly, my “look better” goal is to get  sub 10%. body fat.   I’m currently in between 11-12%.

Q. What gets me going

A. Music gets me going!  I’m a big “rah rah guy”  when it comes to training. I get easily pumped up by Rocky Balboa like stories and such. My goals also get me going. I know I’m not going to reach them in one session. It takes time and progression to get there.

Q. Have you ever considered yourself to be really out of shape?

A.   I’ve actually never considered myself out of shape.  But looking back, I could have definitely  have been better.  During my first year of college,  I was very active and worked out frequently but  my diet was very poor.  I ate many unhealthy foods that are commonly found across college campuses. When I look back at pictures, I see that I have an inflamed “puffy” look. What changed me to eating healthy foods was when I was getting more and more serious about getting into the fitness field. I began studying and realizing how food really affects your body.  As the saying goes, you are what you eat.  I’m in the process of completing Precision Nutrition certification which helps me to better help and teach my clients how to get maximum results with nutrition.


About MaxOut Performance Fitness
Sergio Maldonado is a Sports Performance and Fitness Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. He strives to be the best at what he does through training, professional development courses, and practice. The purpose of this blog is to get out some of the knowledge that he obtains to better help others in their pursuits towards fitness and a better life.

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