Meet the Trainer

Sergio Maldonado

 Strength and Fitness Coach

Training clients since June 2007
All MaxOut programs are designed solely by Sergio Maldonado.

Education and Certifications:

{*} Denotes a certification which require regular recertification. Certifications are maintained up to date unless otherwise noted. Dates listed are the dates with which the original certification was received.

Seminars and Continued Education:

  • Postural Restoration Institute Breathing
  • 2013 Perform Better Summit
  • Precision Nutrition Certification
  • March 2012- Elite Training Workshop- Presentations by Pat Risgby, Ryan Ketchum, Nick Berry, Dave “the band man” Schmitz, Mike Robertson, Robert dos Remedios and BJ Gaddour.
  • February 2012- Shoulder prehab/rehab and training by Eric Cressey
  •  February 2012- Primal Blueprint Seminar
  • August 2011 “Perform Better 3- day Functional Movement Summit 2011”- Presentations Attended: Martin Rooney, Vern Gambetta, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, Dan John, Alwyn Cosgrove, Rachel Cosgrove, Thomas Plummer, Dave Jack, Nick Winkelman, John Berardi, Greg Rose, Brian Grasso and Sue Falsone
  • August 2011 “Russian Kettlebell Challenge”  Certification by Pavel, Brett Jones, Dan John, Team leader Andrea Chang.
  • February 2011 Kettlebell Systema by Denis Kanygin
  • October 2010 Athlete’s Performance Level 1 Mentorship Arizona Facility
  • October 2010 Dr. Clyde Wilson Nutrition Seminar
  • August 2010 Perform Better 3-day Functional Movement Summit
  • April 24, 2010 – “Barefoot Training, Sprinting, and MMA Training for the GeneralPopulation”Presented by: Martin Rooney
  • January 23, 2010 – Perform Better Learn by Doing 2010 One-Day Seminar with presentations by: Mike Boyle “Preparing to Workout”
  • Alwyn Cosgrove “Designing Effective Semi-Private Training Programs”
  • Gray Cook “Dynamic Stability Training
  • Todd Durkin “The 3-D Approach to Program Design for a Successful Fitness Business”
  • October 17, 2009 – “21st Century Programming and Metabolic Training”
  • Presented by: Alwyn Cosgrove
  • April 2009 – “Joint by Joint” Presented by: Mike Boyle
  • March 2009 – “Kettlebell Principles” Presented by: Joe Sarti
  • December 14, 2008 – “BOSU – Group Exercise Training” Presented by: Ross Goo
  • October 2008 – “Functional Assessments” Presented by: Anthony Carey
  • May 2008 – NASM Optimum Performance Training Workshop
  • June 2007-YMCA Strength Training Principles 2-day Course

A word from Sergio:

My passion for fitness is driven through athletic performance. I find this perspective to be very refreshing and helps motivate me and the people I work with to not only focus on looks as motivators but also performance and feeling. I became a trainer so that I could learn how to help people train. Through constant continued education books, seminars, articles and interaction with others I learned that there is so much to learn! Which I like, what keeps me going is seeing clients reach their goals. From increased energy, to feeling pain free and the constant battle of the bulge. I love that my passion can be my career and that keeps me going everyday!

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