Inspiration. Goals.

Often, a popular video goes around on social media that many people talk about.
One such video is of Lizzie Velasquez, if have not seen it, please do. 

It’s a thought provoking video which brings up a few different themes. Lizzie is most deifinitley inspirational! It got me to think about setting my goals and success.  Both of which are important to me and provide a framework to better myself. 

Also, since it’s January a comment I heard from many was “There sure must be a lot of people at the gym due to the New Years resolutions!” My view on goals and success/achievement changes and grows. BIG goals like the ones Lizzie has have to be intrinsically. Powerful enough that you will do just about ANYTHING to get there.

For people with fitness goals this is how they feel. For the majority,  I don’t think they feel like this. I don’t think they have to but one must really be patient as well as organized to get to that goal. I suppose the big picture is knowing where certain goals stand that way you can prirotize them as well as acheve them properly. 

I have written down goals for the last few years. I feel like I have gotten better at them. That is actually achiveing them as well as learning how to write proper S.M.A.R.T. goals. Something I started this year is a 5 things list. 
Meaning if you were only to accomplish 5 things this year what would they be:
In addition, as one often forgets. Having these things in a visible spot to see everyday, multiple times a day.
I hope this gave you some food for thought. What are your five things?